Local Stewardship

We can each be stewards of the

Tomales Bay watershed!

How you can help.


What’s News...


2016 Beach Monitoring Season Is On!

Each year, from April 1-October 31, the Marin County  Environmental Health Services (EHS) performs weekly monitoring of bacteria levels at selected recreational use sites in the Tomales Bay watershed.  We are committed to providing the public current advisory conditions for each of the monitored sites on our Beach Water Quality page.


Check weekly for the latest advisory conditions.  Support the Council's ongoing efforts to bring you this service with a donation!


Local Support for Local Stewardship

The Council is proud of the local stewards who support our long-term water quality monitoring program in the Tomales Bay watershed.


Our thanks to Hog Island Oyster Co. for their continued support of the Council's water quality monitoring.  Their ongoing stewardship supports a healthy Bay!


See the Adopt Our Watershed page for more information about how you can help!


Water Quality Monitoring Report Available

The Council’s technical water quality report covering water quality monitoring of long-term trends, pollutant source area characterizations and wetland restoration is available on our water quality page, here.

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